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Welcome to rSecureNote

Simple, Trusted, Highly Secured Diary Rainbow Secure Note gives you safe place to store your Bank, Personal, Investment, inheritance Notes, Password hints, Legal, Secrets, Thoughts & any other thing you want to write, and protect. rCloudStorage and rEncryptFile for documents and files completes your cyber defense against hacks and data breaches.

Cyber Attack Resistant
security module



rSecureNote for Business

rSecureNote Is The Most  Secure and Flexible Way to Store your Notes and Secrets

Join the most Satisfied Customers Today at Created by the cyber security researcher and leaders rSecurenote is a comprehensive set of tools which are super easy to use and store. It gives you a safe place to store your Secrets, Notes, Passwords and files to create worry free life. Powerful easy to organize options & cyber-attack proof technology and amazing support are the reasons for our customers to fall in love.


Keep your information well-organized with easy to read and write options that makes the note writing process enjoyable.

All Data Encrypted

All your data is encrypted with highest security standards and powerful rainbow credentials.

100 MB+  File storage

Up to 100 mb+ Store and manage your documents, worksheets, pdfs, specimens, scans, images and archives.

Universal Access

No Download needed .  Access all of your files from  any  Windows, Android or iOS devices.

Smart lock

Give multi-layer protection to your data with Rainbow Smart Lock.

Customize Package

Flexibly customize your Security, login options, features for both Business and personal accounts depending on your requirements.

Take Full Control Of Your Data And Files

Cyber attack resistant 3D SECURITY

We use extremely strong cyber-attack resistant password technology  Rainbow Password technology that protects your Notes and files using formatting dimensions. Rainbow Smart Mult-Factor Lock (Smart Lock), GEOACL Location Based Security gives second and third  dimensions of protection.


Available in our Premium version, flexibility to customize security options, feature options , storage options aided by custom cyber security assessment.

Phishing Protection

Stop phishing  attacks,  phishing scams, malware & more before they reach your  Digital and Financial Assets by storing useful  URL/Links in rSecurenote.

Encrypt & Share

Upload your important documents and files for strong encryption backed by Rainbow File Key. Download the encrypted file and store where you want or share it with others.

rSecure Cloud

Upload, annotate and manage your vital documents, PDFs, worksheets, images and zip archives.

Beneficiary/Team Member Access

Premium version enables you to setup legal backed beneficiary for your account. Business account can setup team and manager access as per organizational structure. 

Simple, Trusted, Highly Secured Diary rSecureNote is exactly what you need

About Us

GEOACL LLC is a full spectrum Cyber Security Solution Provider striving to provide Safe and Secure Security Solutions & Cyber Security Compliance Services in today's world of hacking, data breaches and leaks. We bring out Simple, Reliable and Easy to use Security Solutions that can be welcomed by end users with minimal training. We invented Rainbow Password, Smart Multifactor and GEOACL technology based solutions keeping these goals in mind. We help you protect your digital and financial assets from Cyber Attacks and data breaches. We help make you compliant with added advantage of bringing value addition to your business. We also provide user controlled location based authentication and authorization.

Rainbow Secure Note is protected by our new avatar of Credential Security called Rainbow Password and Rainbow Smart Multi-Factor. Personalize your subscription for features like Beneficiary/Team member access, shared folders, document storage etc by signing up for customization friendly premium version. Get it Today and receive discounted Pro Cyber Security Assessment and advice for all your online, financial and social media accounts.

All of our security technologies are protected by US and world wide Patents. We reserve copy right and trademarks on our solutions, brands and products.

How we protect your data

All your data is encrypted with highest security standards. Your Account is protected with patented, innovative, Incredibly strong and award winning rainbow, geoACL technologies. Incredibly strong Security model helping protect your Notes from Cyber attacks like Brute-force, Key logger, dictionary attacks etc.

Why choose us?

We're dedicated to giving you the best service possible by keeping our solutions friendly, simple and effective. Strong, flexible, creative security and ability to get your subscription customized gives you solution that is tailor made for you.

Our specialists will be able to help you choose from following patented and awarded security options that gives ultimate Cyber Security defense.
Your choices would include formatting dimension (600+ color, 100+ style options) enabled strong Rainbow Text Password, Rainbow Picture and Picture pattern Password, Rainbow Smart Multi-factor and Rainbow OTP for Passwordless login.
Basically we are giving user friendly options for strong authentication and verification compared to today's complex password rules of upper lower case, numbers and special characters that is not natural for human psychology.
Our verification and passwordless options are made strong by formatting instructions for random text generated, again making them cyber attack resilient and strong deterrent against account takeover attempts.


  • 2019 - Cutting Edge Authentication and Verification Technology InfoSec Award
  • 2018 - American Security Today Awards for Physical/IT Security Products or Solutions

Security Armour

Rainbow Text Password

Text Password formatted by 265+ font colors, 265+ Background colors, 100+ Style options and combinations of Font Name, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikeout etc. User can format one or more password characters or whole password as per their choice.

Rainbow Picture Password

User selects picture from our picture library, formats entire Picture and/or picture sections using colors and picture styles

Picture Pattern Password

User selects two or more pictures, arranges them in desired sequence, optionally colors them with hundreds of color options. Again very strong credential because user makes 3 unique types of choices (pictures, sequence, colors) that give 3 dimensional strength.

Rainbow Smart Multi-factor

rSecureNote Smart Lock is powered by Rainbow Smart Multi-factor. Here user is sent text and formatting instructions to format given text. This helps in fight against cyber attacks targeted towards legacy 2 factor solutions. Making user do some formatting action and verification of user actions against formatting instructions make it a winner.

Password Less Login

Rainbow One Time Password - Variations of Rainbow OTP allows user login with help of trusted device and/or communication accounts.

geoACL Location Based Security

User powered location security settings allow precise control of rSecureNote accounts and provides invisible protection from somebody using stolen credentials from unknown places.
User can setup to prohibit access from all unknown/non configured places,
choose to do Smart Verification for unknown places or give access to sensitive data and files from just few locations that he trusts.

3 Awards
Security technology
Customer Support

Choose Your Plan

Most Popular



  • SaveNotes and Secrets
  • Smart LockSecurity
  • 100MBStorage
  • Encrypt and Share file / 10 per month

Business Professional


  • SaveNotes and Secrets
  • Smart LockSecurity
  • 125MBStorage
  • Encrypt and Share file / 25 per month
  • + Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • AiLocation Protection
  • User poweredLocation Protection
  • On Premise HostingOptions Available
  • Team MemberAccess Available

Custom Premium


Starts at $159/year

  • SaveNotes and Secrets
  • Smart LockSecurity
  • 150MBStorage
  • Customized Security
  • Encrypt and Share file /30 per month
  • Beneficiary/Family Access**Setup fee and legal docs required
  • Shared Folders access
  • AiLocation Protection
  • User poweredLocation Protection

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Begin referring friends when you send your personal referral link via email, text, or social media. Or your friends can just write your email as referrer while signing up. You'll receive $25 for every person you refer to rSecureNote.
*Max 50 referrals per calendar year. You'll receive a $25 account credit for each referral. Restrictions Apply. Referral will be paid 60 days after paid active service.

  Track Your Referrals

After your friend signs up with you as referrer, you can check referrals status by clicking My Referrals button in your dashboard.


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Subscription Questions & Answers

How does the 30-day trial work?

Once you decide to opt for any of our plans, you can run a 30-day free trial first. Including all the basic features of each of the offered pricing plans, it will help you decide which features are of the greatest value to you. Once the 30 day period is over, you will be charged for selected plan.

What happens at the end of my trial?

After the end of your trial, you will automatically pay for the Professional Plan (the cheapest of the offered ones). Just in case you do not want to continue or wish to opt for any other plan, be sure to cancel the subscription before the free trial ends. For more detailed information, contact the support team.

My account has expired, can I recover it?

If you do not decide to purchase the same or upgrade to a new plan, your account will expire. You can recover it by buying any of the offered plans. All data from your personal account will remain intact for 2 months. If you do not upgrade till that moment, all data will vanish.

Can I change/cancel plans anytime?

Yes, you can. Our plans are yearly. You are free to cancel the selected plan anytime you wish. Once you decide to cancel the current plan, we will not charge you for the next period. As soon as you decide what other plan to opt for, we will contact you for verification.

How do I access my subscription account?

You can always access your subscription account details including payment methods by clicking "My Subscription" button in your dashboard.

Write us To: for all your billing and subscription account issues.

*** Remember to keep your payment methods up to date during initial subscription and renewal periods.

Not Sure Which Plan is Right For You ?

If you are in doubt of which plan to opt for, email us for your security assessment and we will try to help you make the right decision.

Email us:

rSecureNote FAQ And Answers

General Questions about rSecureNote(4)

All you need to know about Intense design studio and how to get Support.

rSecureNote is a powerful cyber-security enabled solution that gives immense protection for your notes, files and secrets. Everybody, whether you are professional, self-employed, small business owner, student or scientist needs this powerful tool in today's world of breaches and hacks.
No, rSecureNote is not Password manager. rSecureNote is a Digital Diary where you can store all your passwords, password hints, secret notes, important links, even master password from other password managing tools.
Unlike other password products, rSecureNote gives you 3 dimensional protection for your data and files. You can get custom cyber security assessment if you are subscriber of rSecureNote. You can also get premium version and set beneficiary for your digital life data assets.
Yes. The customized premiumpackage of rSecureNote gives you flexibility to customize security and features according to your needs.

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

Depending on how much strong authentication you want, Just use any text, color and style that you can easily remember. Click multi-color round button at the top right of the color panel. It will open up custom color panel. Enter your hex or RGB color code and click OK. Using your choice color from 265 color gives you super strong authentication. You are also welcome to use multiple font styles mind.
Yes it is, but for that atleast use two or more style option to make authentication.You can use Bold, italic underline, size, font name, strikeout.
We provide customize passwordless login and picture password who don't like text password. Please Contact us at:
Yes,It will save your password text, not the formatting. This protects you from key logger and other cyber attacks.
This smart tool can generate the most suitable template for each user. Based on his / her interests and needs, this tool identifies the right topic and compiles a set of necessary pages.
Intense comes integrated with 20+ premium plugins for different purposes. Whether you want to add an event calendar or mail form to your site, you choose the right plugin from the template’s pack.
Please redecrypt your file with correct File Key text and Formatting Style applied if any. Your input File Key might have been incorrect. To provide you best and transparent file security, We don't store your File Key and hence cannot give you error for incorrect entry. If your key is incorrect the file generated after decryption will be incorrect and your program will not recognize it. If needed save your File Key in rSecureNote.


The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

Intense has effective instruments for your marketing campaigns. Its package contains a number of landing and newsletter templates designed with proven marketing tactics in mind.
Intense gives an access to 250+ ready-made pages for multiple purposes. Among them, there are 10+ homepages, 10+ one-page designs, 20+ header and 10+ footer styles, 20+ extra pages, 10+ event templates, 20+ portfolio layouts, 20+ blog templates, and many others.
Quis detracto in vel, ad mucius equidem mel, vis cu melius alienum inciderint. Convenire mnesarchum definitionem duo ut, in sea quot magna ceteros, ex his quando corpora splendide. Purto zril nobis ne est, eu assum platonem intellegebat qui. Ex ridens nominati partiendo quo, mei eu tota verear adversarium.
Yes, you can use Intense to give a head start to a web store. It is integrated with a shopping cart and includes 10+ eCommerce templates for building different store pages.
This smart tool can generate the most suitable template for each user. Based on his / her interests and needs, this tool identifies the right topic and compiles a set of necessary pages.
Intense comes integrated with 20+ premium plugins for different purposes. Whether you want to add an event calendar or mail form to your site, you choose the right plugin from the template’s pack.
LTS (long-term support) means that your design opportunities will grow for free. Intense will get regular updates in the form of new child themes, pages, and features, which will let you keep pace with all the web innovations.

rCloud-Upload / Download File

Intense is a universal solution for professional developers, designers and end users. This powerful HTML template can be used to build sites of any type, be it a blogger’s resource or professional portfolio. Intense meets all the modern quality standards, which will give you a solid basis to compete with rivals on the web.
Intense is a flexible instrument for professional developers. It comes packed with 250+ pre-designed pages, 20 premium plugins, 50+ scalable shortcodes, and an extended Bootstrap toolkit. Moreover, Intense is based on a CSS Flex grid system and provides full Sass support.
Intense offers a huge UI kit for web designers. It includes 150 PSD files, 2000+ font icons, unlimited skins and colors, parallax and hover effects, canvas animations, and much more. All these features can streamline the workflow and turn any project into an eye candy.
The package of Intense has child templates intended for a variety of niches. Whether you run a model agency, restaurant or consulting firm, you can choose a ready-made solution for your own business. The number of child themes is constantly growing to embrace a wider range of niches.

rSecureNote Help And Learning

rSecureNote- Write , Save and protect stress free(4)

All you need to know about Intense design studio and how to get Support.

Click here to know more about signup and first time login

Click here to know how to change password.

Click here to know how to get your userid.

Click here to know how to reset your userid.

rSecureNote- Write , Save and protect stress free(4)

Get Answers to your most curious questions and be more productive and secure.


Click here to know how to write a Note and URL in rSecureNote.


Click here to know how customize folder list.

Click here to know how customize folder list.

Coming Soon.

The answers on most common questions are described bellow.

Smart Lock is a multifactor protection for your important data and files. You can choose to protect folders that you like with Smart Lock for enhanced protection.

Click here to know how how to use Smart Lock.

Click here to know how to open Smart Lock.

Your Smart Lock will be automatically be closed after 20 minutes of non-use.


The answers on most common Encrypt/Decrypt questions are described bellow.


Click here to know how to Encrypt a File.

Important files should be protected by Encrypting with Rainbow File Key. If you share file without protection, files can be accessed by unknown persons/hackers if destination accounts'credentials are compromised or if your recipient is using unsecured access point.

Encrypt your file with Rainbow File Key. Download and send encrypted file to recipient via email or any other means. Also share File key and path to rainbow secure platform. Your recipient will use File key to decrypt file and access it. Rainbow file key is 500 times strong then your legacy password and pins for file sharing networks. Encrypted file with strong key protects from falling your file into wrong hands.

Send your friend Rainbow File key and link: He will click on Decrypt File button and follow the instructions here

Secure your files by encrypting them with Rainbow File Key. You can store your encrypted files any where including other online hosting accounts. Even if those accounts get hacked, your important files are safe.

Unable to OPEN DECRYPTED FILE, my program gives error?
Please redecrypt your file with correct File Key text and Formatting Style applied if any. Your input File Key might have been incorrect. To provide you best and transparent file security, We don't store your File Key and hence cannot give you error for incorrect entry. If your key is incorrect the file generated after decryption will be incorrect and your program will not recognize it. If needed save your File Key in rSecureNote.

rCloud-Upload / Download File

Click here to know how to use rCloudStorage a File to safeguard your critical files.

Click here to know how to use rCloudStorage a File to safeguard your critical files.

Your rCloudStorage is protected by Rainbow Smart Lock. Please open it to access your rCloud option.

Your rCloudStorage is protected by Rainbow Smart Lock. Please open it to access your rCloud option. Once there search and/or select your file and click download button. You will be prompted to save your downloaded file or directly downloaded to your download folder based on your settings and browser.

If you have a question please send us an email

Email us:


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Nehal Mehta
  • President, Co-founder

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Protect your digital assets from Cyber attacks and data breaches and live your digital life with confidence.
The best way to manage Notes, documents and your Secrets.


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